In 1986, Jack Farr founded Digital Print, Inc. (DPi) and created the company’s first product out of his home. He did it with little more than ingenuity and a vision: to build a variable data printer controller that was better, faster and more affordable than anything else on the market.

Almost 30 years later, DPi is still an innovator in leading-edge, affordable variable data printing solutions. From our very first product, an ion deposition print system sold to the National Security Agency, we’ve offered unsurpassed value and support by combining our proprietary printer controllers and software with leading print technologies to meet a variety of demands. We’re proud to offer the largest portfolio of variable data solutions to meet your print needs.

Today, DPi is housed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on the grounds of MotorSport Ranch—another innovator of its kind.


The MotorSport Ranch story

When Jack Farr received a gift certificate to a race car driving school in the late 1990s, no one anticipated how influential that gift would be.

Farr left the class enthused about driving, but disappointed that there wasn’t anywhere nearby to practice his newfound racing skills. The closest courses were open only to professional racers and car clubs.

Once again, Farr turned his vision into a reality, building MotorSport Ranch—a first-of-its-kind country club for driving enthusiasts. The club was an immediate success, giving non-professional sports car drivers access to their own course. Today, the club has 650 members, with private track rentals booked out a year in advance.

Farr’s two passions—fast cars and fast printers—are combined in one location to create the ultimate high-speed, high-quality experience.