Whether you need batch printing, or printing for highly variable text, graphics, numbers and line-art logos, we have the print technology to fit.

DPi’s job setup and creation software is perfect for use on variable printing applications like:

  • Peel-‘n-Reveal gaming cards
  • Scratch-off gaming cards
  • BINGO cards
  • Sweepstakes tickets
  • Product and skid ID tags and labels

DPi’s prepress software accepts virtually any data file type, allowing you to process and print your gaming application in real time at maximum print speed.

And when combined with our printer controller and print technology, you’ll get a state-of-the-art print system that makes it easy to print secure variable and sequential barcodes with checksums that are calculated and printed on the fly.

Our proprietary software is programmed to enable printing of any barcode symbology, including two-dimensional, infrared and UV-reactive styles.